A baby is 78% water. And by the time we’re adults it drops to 60% in men, and 55% in women; but we’re still over half made up of water. We are very watery. The cells in our bodies are full of water which helps dissolve and metabolize all the valuable nutrients, minerals, and chemicals that we need to be alive. Water’s “stickiness” (from surface tension) helps transport the carbohydrates and proteins that our bodies use as food  into the bloodstream, and of course it is water that transports waste material out of our bodies.

The Earth itself is a watery place; about 71 percent of the surface is covered in water, and it never sits still. Water constantly moves from one place to another and from one form to another; vapor, icecaps, rivers and lakes. You and I would not exist without the ample water supply we have on earth.

And we’ve been told to drink 8 glasses of water a day, but Australian researchers have found that eight glasses of pure water per day is an overestimation. “Even a baked potato is 75 per cent water,” says nutrition Prof. Susan Barr of the University of British Columbia, “There’s nothing magical about water from a glass of water as opposed to water from food or any other beverage.” In other words, the 8 glasses of water a day, don’t take into account all the water we get from fruit, veggies, coffee and tea. In fact, some say that the best way to determine if we are having enough water is to look at our pee; light is good, dark yellow is not good.

Today, glance at your pee and use the color as a way to gauge how much water you need—the lighter the better. Dark yellow and you need to drink more water. Also, be aware of your thirst—it is after all a natural body gauge. It seems the older we get the less we can rely on our thirst gauge, but used together; pee color and thirst are good determinates of what our bodies need.

My friend, one more thing today—let’s thank the powers that be for our water. Whether that be the local council, God, or the universal energy; we would not survive without our beautiful source of water and the energy that brings it to our lips. Yay water!!

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Are you a cat person or a dog person? Or maybe you are a horse, turtle, fish or no pet person. Whatever kind of ‘animal’ person you are or are not—you have all seen cats. Cats are amazing creatures, most have fur, but some don’t. Most have claws, but some have their claws taken off and they become house-cats. Most have tails, but some do not. What all cats have in common is their flexibility. Cats love to climb and jump up on things. They love to wind themselves around legs, or furniture. They purr when they are content, and hiss when they are not. They do not do what they do not want to do.

Some people actually want to look like a cat. The sleek feline look of a cat makes them seem sexy to some people. The purring animal with claws can seem tantalizing. The yin and yang of an animal.

When a cat is sleeping it curls up into a ball, and looks so content. Then it will suddenly stretch out and seem twice as long as it really is. Cats are neat, they dig a hole do their business and cover it up. They eat very delicately. They are also very playful.

A cat will chase a feather on a stick for hours. They love to pounce on things. They can also seem very cruel. They seem to play with their victims, a mouse, or a bird; patting it until it gives up; and then the cat brings it as a present to their owner. We had that happen on many occasions; our cat would bring all kinds of small dead creatures and plop them on our front door mat—drove me crazy!

Cats then are quite their own creatures. They don’t seem to care about conventions or rules or obligations. They tip toe through other people’s gardens and curl up on beds and furniture wherever they want. They will purr at you, or ignore you depending on their mood. I’ve even known cats to choose a different owner; walk into a neighbor’s house and start living there if they decide to.

Today, be like a cat. It’s a bit like yesterday, to your own self be true. Today, you can purr or growl. You can choose to stay indoors or go outdoors. You are going to be very clean today—I forgot to mention that—cats are extremely fussy about being clean. You may want to curl up and read a book, or you may want to go hunting for a new piece of jewelry. Whatever it is that you do today, think like a cat. They do not suffer fools gladly—they are who they are and they love being a cat. Today my friend, love being you!!

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Ever waited for a kettle to boil or a bus to come, or a letter to arrive? Waiting can seem like an eternity. Seconds seem to stretch out as if they were an hour long. Waiting can be like that. Is he/she going to call? When will I find out if I got in to my first choice college? When do I get the doctors report? When will I get to go on a vacation?

Then when it arrives, it’s gone so quickly. We go on vacation and it’s over before we know it. We get into our first choice college and now it seems boring, or on the other side, it’s too much. Our ‘new love’ calls and we’ve gotten married, had kids and now we’re fighting all the time. Waiting is really about watching time—and since time is a made-up thing—waiting is really a waste of time. Yes, of course there are seasons which is natures time, but the clock ticking by is completely made up by us.

We even decided to have a change in time; twice a year we put the clocks forward or back. Today approximately 70 countries utilize Daylight Saving Time. The only major industrialized country not to have introduced daylight saving is Japan. Time, like waiting is made up by us.

Imagine if we decided to fill our moments spent waiting with awareness instead. What if every time we found ourselves waiting, and getting impatient, we decided to make that time ‘awareness time.’ “I am waiting so I am aware of my breath, my posture, my thoughts, what I am doing?” I am waiting for a certain person to call and it’s all I can think about—so I will become aware of myself. Am I getting anxious, if so maybe I can read a calming book, one about love, or about my favorite hobby. While I am waiting I could meditate and think of positive outcomes, or what I will do if the outcome is not positive—I will be aware of things I can do in my life to not be so anxious during this waiting period.

It could be that you are waiting to get slim, or become fit, or find a new partner, or get your finances in order. And until it happens, you may be feeling depressed about the situation. Now is the time to become aware. What is it that you want by becoming slim, fit, in love, financially strong? Why wait until it happens to get what you want? Let the waiting period become the time of awareness and being who you want to be before the thing happens.

Today, whatever it is that you are waiting for; be aware of what it is that you think will happen when the waiting is over. In other words, if you are waiting to be slim, fit, in love, financially strong, well-educated or something else you are waiting for—if you are waiting for this thing to happen until you can be where you want to be—stop waiting and just go there.

If you want to feel love, feel it. If you want to feel slim, feel it. If you want to feel financially strong feel it. Let the waiting be over and go to the place in your mind, where you want to be when you get there. Get off the waiting train and be at your destination in your mind. Don’t wait for the doctors report to tell you something; be as healthy as you can be right now; because if the report tells you something terrible, you still want to be as healthy as you can be right now. If your finances are in a mess, you still want to handle money in the best way possible. Today my friend, it is time to walk out of the waiting room and start living your life exactly the way you would when you arrive.

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“This above all-to thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man.” William Shakespeare wrote Hamlet around 1601, and the words ring just as true today. If we are not true to our own selves, we cannot be true to anyone else. Sometimes, it is difficult to be true to ourselves, when our truth seems to fly in the face of other people’s truths. As human beings we like to fit in; it’s much easier when we fit in. The problem is that some of the people we are trying to fit in with, are not necessarily the best people for us to fit in with. That’s why it can be difficult at school for kids. They want to fit in, but they can’t find the right crowd to fit in with.

If we morph ourselves to be other than who we truly are, we feel bent out of shape. It doesn’t feel right when we are trying to be someone who we are not. I was talking to a friend who goes to a writing class. He said, “The people in the class are all in cliques, and sometimes one of them will talk to me, and sometimes they won’t; but I’ve been going for so long now, I’m used to it.” That’s what we do, we form cliques and we invite people in or not depending on how they seem to fit in.

Myself, I have a few close friends who I can be completely myself with. They have all seen the worst and the best of me, and they are still friends. If you have to behave differently from who you are, then you are not being true to who you are. However, there is a big caveat here; if you are always showing your worst side to people, that is not being true to yourself. Being true to yourself is showing the best side of you also. It’s the 80/20 rule again. Eighty percent be true to your best side, and twenty percent be true to your worst side. To kick depression give your best side the upper hand. So for example, one of my worst true sides is that I get angry quickly—and I learn to not do that. I learn to be patient, take a breath, wait a moment before reacting. I am still being true to myself, and I am being true to the self that I prefer.

Today, be true to yourself, and be aware of the self you are showing mostly to the world. Which part of you would you like to give eighty percent of your time to? Make depression smaller and smaller so that it only takes up twenty percent of your day. Bring on the best true part of yourself and let that be the true face you show the world. Your best true self is much more important than your worst true self; so let it shine today my friend; you deserve it.

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One song that is what the word universe actually means. Uni = one, and verse = song. One Song. I was reading the bible: James 1:17 and a sentence came into my spirit, “all the lights in the heavens.” I got a sudden glimpse, as if I were actually in the heavens amidst all these lights, and it was glorious. It was very fleeting, I couldn’t get back there once it had gone, and if I wasn’t writing this down right now, shortly after it happened, I am not sure I would believe it had happened.

It felt immense. An enormous space filled with bright lights. It felt like a living space; where spirits lived and dwelled brilliantly shining their lights. I will never do it justice with words because it was in the realm of spirit. Then, my Life Warrior friends, life happened, and when life happens in the middle of being in the spirit world, it can put us off track a bit.

I had a strong urge to write, so I put my Nook (where I store my books) down, and started writing. Then the phone rang. My hubby had taken the car to the garage for maintenance, early and was calling me. I picked up the phone, but I didn’t really want to talk, because I still felt close to the spirit world and didn’t want to contaminate the experience with real life. So I was abrupt. Not mean, simply abrupt and my replies were stilted. “Yes.” “Hi.” “I’m writing!” “Bye.” I didn’t feel good about my lack of love to the one person in the whole world whom I love the most—my soul Life Warrior mate.

As soon as I had written down what I needed to write about my experience, I called him back. “Hi, sorry I was a bit abrupt before. I was in the middle of writing.” He understood. He understood before. But now I was telling him that I loved him. He understood.

I believe that sometimes when we get caught up in our spirit world. In “all the lights in the heavens” whether we are meditating, or praying or simply feeling in a place of calm and peace; when we are in that place and things of the earth interrupt us, we have to be very aware of our actions, and our behavior. I have had this happen to me before, I am meditating and feeling all warm and spiritual and happy, and the world interrupts usually in the form of another human being wanting my attention, and I can be harsh. I don’t want to come back to worldly reality. I want to stay in the coziness of heaven and light. So I have to be aware that I am not living in the spiritual realm too much. And if I go there, it is only as a visitor right now. Because right now, my place is on the earth with other human beings and I want to be kind, and sweet to my fellow compatriots.

Today, practice meditating and then coming back into the world with a sense of wanting to communicate in a kind and deliberately sweet way. Close your eyes and go to the place where “all the lights in the heavens” exist, and then come back to your reality and understand that each human being is a light on earth. We are here to shine our own light and to help other people shine theirs. My friend you are doing so well. You are already a Life Warrior—you are exactly where you are meant to be and we all appreciate exactly who you are.

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I watch TV. I love it. I love to sit down and watch Netflix. I am a binge TV watcher. I am one of those people who watch a show episode after episode and series after series. I love it. And I watch all kinds of shows: thrillers, drama, comedy, action, documentaries and even kids TV when my grandchildren stay over.

Statistics claim the average person will watch 9 years of TV by the time they ‘pop their clogs.’ Another stat says Americans watch 34 hours of TV a week. And yet, I hear people say, “I don’t watch much TV.”  So who is watching? There is a feeling that we shouldn’t be watching so much. Well, today, I am shouting from the roof tops, “I love TV.”

When I was a little girl we didn’t have TV. And when we finally got one, it was black and white and there were hardly any TV programs. So TV has always seemed a wonderful thing to me. However, depression can turn TV into an addiction so people end up watching all day long and not doing anything else. I’m aware that I could be totally addicted to TV if I’m not careful. So I only watch TV after about 6:00 pm at night.

Maybe you don’t have a TV addiction thing going, which is great. If you are like me and there is a possibility of watching it too much—which I count as all day long or every moment of my free time, then just be aware of what you are doing. Remember there is no right and no wrong way to live a life, there are just consequences.

Being a Life Warrior is not about having a critical parent over your shoulder telling you what you should and should not be doing. Being a Life Warrior is about being aware of what you are doing and doing mostly things that encourage, enlighten and inspire you. I say mostly, because we are not aiming to be perfect….we are aiming to be Life Warriors and Life Warriors make mistakes. Life Warriors have failures, the difference is that we work to overcome them. We do not allow them to bring us down. We have been there, done that, got the t-shirt of depression, and now we are on the other side. We are vital, amazing and brilliant Life Warriors.

Today, simply become aware of how much TV you watch. If you feel you are watching too much, then simply watch less. That’s all my friend. Simply watch less.

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